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EXPERIENCE & STABILITY ARTNIVO is an experienced skillful contractor that performs engineering, design, construction and construction management for clients of several kinds of projects. ARTNIVO keeps and maintains a highly skilled team of construction supervisors and craftsmen accustomed to working in different kind of projects with different sizes. ARTNIVO is a qualified partner for EPC contractors, sub-contractors and/or plant owners to handle the CIVIL WORKS requirements effectively that includes a legacy of industry-leading safety performance, quality assurance, schedule and budget compliance.

ARTNIVO’s team of experts are able to provide a complete engineering and implementation solutions or procurement services to most building construction needs whether it is a basic industrial unit or a complete new factory incorporating machine foundations and pits.

Expansion or maintenance, whatever the client demands, ARTNIVO understands the needs of project and can devise solutions that cause minimum disruption to whole job.


Building, Rebuilding, Repairing or Dismantling Jobs at;

  • Industrial Projects
  • Residential Projects
  • General Service Project


  • Design, Procurement & Construction
  • Industrial Projects
    • Turnkey Contracts
    • Concrete and/or Steel Frame Buildings (Office, warehouse, workshop, etc.)
    • Steel Frame Building (Office, warehouse, workshop, etc. (Office, warehouse, workshop, etc.)
    • Reinforced Concrete Structures
      • Building Foundations
      • Yards, Roads & Floors
      • Machine & Equipment Foundations
      • Retaining Walls
  • Residential Projects
    • Turnkey Contracts (Including mechanical, electrical and other duties)
    • Apartment Buildings
    • Houses
  • General Service Projects
    • Turnkey Contracts (Including mechanical, electrical and other duties)
    • Office Buildings
    • Public Service Buildings
    • Touristic Facilities
  • Project Planning & Consulting
  • Certified Engineering Design
  • HSE & QC Sub-System Design
  • Commissioning & Training

Address: Beylikdüzü OSB, Orkide Street No:2/1
34524 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul / TURKEY
Phone: +90 212 852 00 28

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