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In our constantly developing and globalizing world, undoubtedly the most active business area is the construction sector. When we look at the last 15 years in our country, the construction sector has nearly tripled the number of existing buildings. In this 15 years, many inland works such as housing, industrial facilities, bridges, dams, airports, etc. have been completed. One of the most important expectations that emerges within this development is the completion of the construction jobs quickly and without any problem.

In order to produce fast and smoothly jobs, climbing panel formwork systems are used for some unique applications. Panel formwork systems are preferred over conventional wood formworks for significantly more robust, faster and more trouble-free manufacturing. Climbing Formwork is a system that ensures the necessary work safety in high structures by moving each concrete casting upwards on the application surface. There is no need to disassemble or reassemble the formwork before or after each concrete casting. It is often used in concrete shear walls and columns that are so high that they cannot be cast all at once in the outward facing parts of the shear walls and columns of high-rise buildings and / or high-altitude constructions. Thus, there is no need to install very high scaffolding for support under the formwork. It also allows workers to work safely with a comfortable working area; as a matter of course, this reduces the labor time. The climbing formwork system is generally used in the construction of dams, bridges, high retaining walls, multi-story buildings, silos, stair walls, columns, bays, highway viaducts.

The photo above is from the Hanönü Copper Flotation Plant Project which Artnivo was the sub-contractor for the civil works. This formwork has 350 cm height (137,8 inches) and 90 cm thickness (35,4 inches).

In this project we used climbing formwork system which can be installed on vertical surfaces by recoverable conical anchors (carrots). The formwork was safely moved by tower crane through vertical axis. The anchors are placed in the appropriate locations those determined in the previous cast and the hanger rings are installed over anchors. Then the pieces of the formwork system could be hanged over these rings safely. At every casting procedure the whole system is moved up step by step. The system consists of a very small number of materials while creating a wide working area. There is no compatibility problem with different projects or applications. In the following images, application steps of the climbing formwork system can be seen;

In conclusion; this climbing formwork system is a very special instrument in construction sector with safety, quality and speed advantages while concrete casting. Today, in many projects this system is frequently used. The investment cost of this climbing panel formwork system which is used in high-budget housing and especially industrial plant constructions seems to be high compared to conventional formwork systems. But it is inevitable for safe, trouble-free and quality production results.

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